Music & Sound Services

VIONWO is also a team of composers whose work covers all parts of score production services, from composition and arranging through music preparation, orchestration, and in-studio help. As it is obvious that Music focuses on the story’s underlying emotions, therefore it is a very strong tool for storytelling. Our music team works on music with great care, serving the story in a better way. Whether it is TV shows or feature films our composers do their best to create best matching music for the video.

The music they compose will make audio and visual elements ride into one cohesive viewing experience. Music is very important as an effective background filter. To match the look, sound, and feel of the complete project from its inception, we make our composers come during pre-production. The composers of the VIONWO team score to the precise timing of every scene once the film is cut. You will be provided a complete array of music scoring services because managing each detail is critical to the final result.

Our service includes cover arranging, composing, and orchestrating, also copying the parts. Musicians and vocalists are hired and sessions are conducted then the finest recording studio is booked. After this, music is mixed very carefully before editing the soundtrack with the picture. VIONWO also provides stock music, called production music. Our broad and versatile music’s library guarantees that the music will be zealous, and evocative, flawlessly supporting the picture. It will never underwhelm or overpower.

You will be provided with full music services as an integral component of a full range of video production services:

  • Lyric writing
  • Songwriting
  • Original music scoring
  • Stock music
  • Music editing
  • Music mixing

While making any story or film, its sound is the key factor that will decide its importance. And also, the audio will decide the mood of any film or video sequence. The picture’s impact can also be intensely improved if you improve its audio. By utilizing our large sound effects and music library, we improve the sound by inserting or manipulating or inserting audio elements. If you want to add narration, extra voices, and an original music score then VIONWO can do this for you. Whether it is a live event, containing television, or its web videos, corporate training videos, and more, VIONWO Productions will create a sound for all genres.

You will be provided with a full range of sound design services including:

  • Special effects sounds
  • Sound “sweetening”
  • Stereo & 5.1 surround
  • Sync sound recording
  • Dialogue cleanups
  • Track laying

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