Top Companies That Use Videos As Promotion

Promotional videos are one of the best tools you can find when you want your brand or business to grow and gain popularity. They have many advantages, such as the fact that you can use them with any type of product or service, and they can also provide so many benefits that you won’t stop using them.

A proof of this is the big group of famous companies that currently use promotional videos to optimize their marketing and advertising strategies. Do you want to know more about it? Pay attention to the following!


The world’s most famous coffee has also become widely known for its videos, especially promotional ones. They have implemented the use of videos for each of their areas, among which we can mention their productions under the title “To Be Human”, “#MorningYes” and “Starbucks Coffee”. Besides, they release promotional videos each season where they talk about the best drinks to drink in the summer or spring, for example, and welcome their new products through the screens as well.


One of the company’s most popular promotional videos is the one they used for the Nike Football Academy presentation. However, many others have given the company incredible results. One of them are those that belong to their NEXT% Technology category, these videos are used to explain the new technologies belonging to Nike’s innovations for 2020, and their integration in the products they will offer in what will be the future of footwear.


If there is a technology company that has taken the use of promotional videos to the maximum, it is Samsung. Being one of the largest brands in the world, it has a wide range of products to offer, and each of them has had a successful video that has been published to explain all its details to their clients. On its YouTube channel, you can find telephones, microwaves, televisions, air conditioners, and more. Also, as one of their best strategies to date, they created videos with the participation of the famous music group BTS to present their new cell phone series and have reached almost 2 million views in each one. This without mention Samsung’s introductory video for its portable SSD T5 which reaches more than 18 million views.

Other great companies that have used successful promotional videos:

  • Xiaomi and its “My Note 10: Unboxing” with 7.1 million views.
  • Huawei and its “Huawei P30 captures your summer” with 14 million views.
  • Adidas and its “A Celebration of Boost” with almost 4 million of views.
  • Forever 21 and its “IT’S DRESS SEASON!” with 17 million views.
  • Pepsi and its ‘Nothing’ from Pepsi Zero Sugar with almost 3 million views.

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