Frequently Asked Questions

So many people as this question, but there is no single answer. Everyone needs something different, everyone has different goals and different target audiences. This is why all our services are fully customized and price depends on the client’s requests, time, and content.

Our team is very flexible and we care about our clients. That’s why it is possible to negotiate the price. We provide high-quality services but as mentioned, every client is different and has different needs. We can do video services for $50 and $600.000. So the only way to know how much your project would cost is to Contact Us and our consultant will send your project’s details including price and estimated time for completing your project.

Yes, we have a network of photographers, videographers, and models around the world. We can call on when the project requires something location-specific. If the client requires “editing on the spot”, our top editor can travel to the client’s location and do video editing while the client prepares new content. This may include additional travel and accommodation fees.
Yes! All edited and produced content by us belongs fully to our clients. That includes the copyright license and any additional documents you would need. VIONWO will never use your content for other clients or our promotion without the client’s permission.
As mentioned before, yes we mainly operate in one place. However, we have a huge network worldwide of many people who are the best at what they do. When a project requires it, we reach out to our “stand by” talented people and we let them handle specific tasks. We are also able to travel upon the client’s requests.
Yes. We can take care of your YouTube channel. Depends on our agreement you can send us your raw videos and we can take care of the rest. We can create video intro for your YouTube channel, edit your YouTube videos, work on the video’s sound, create short commercials for your sponsors to put on your regular videos, and much more. Just text us and we can make a good deal so you don’t have to spend time on editing, just turn the camera on, record what you want to record and we will take care of the rest.

Understanding every detail about the project is very important for both, the client and us. We are flexible and always willing to make our customers as comfortable as possible so we can communicate through:

– Customer Portal
– Support System
– Portal Online Chat
– Email
– WhatsApp
– Skype
– WeChat
– Line
– Phone
… and any other chosen by the client platform

Our goal is to help our clients grow their business. For that, we want to make sure that the final video is exactly how our client wants it to be. Once our team completes the project and sends it to the client for review, our client can request changes in the video. This process can be done 2 times. However, our clients who in total paid over $15K for projects can request changes as many times as needed. We value our returning clients and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy.
This is also a question that we get a lot. Our team prefers MP4 and MOV file formats. However, we are a high tech company so we can handle and convert almost any type of video or image file format. The same thing applies when we are sending you the finished video, you can request any file format you want. We are a low budget startup but we need video promotion, can you help? Yes. We understand and admire entrepreneurs and we always do our best to help others grow. As we decide the price based on project and client’s request we can always make a deal. Don’t hesitate to contact us because you feel like you can’t afford high-quality video. We are flexible and we always can make a deal.

You can always choose how you want to receive your files. Currently, we can send files on DVD, USB memory stick, portable hard drive, through the customer portal, WeTransfer.
Whatever you choose, we will send you a password-protected zipped file with your video. Once you receive it or download it we will send you a password by email, SMS, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat. By doing this, we make sure that your data is secured and that only you will have access to your files.

*Additional fees may apply when sending your files by physical items (USB memory stick, DVD, portable hard drive).

Yes, you can cancel anytime. For more information please check our project cancellation policy page.

It all depends if you want people to know or if you want to keep it as a secret. Every project is important to us and each new project helps us grow and promote our company. However, if you request that you don’t want your project to be on our website, social media or you don’t want us to even mention you and your project, we will understand, agree to these terms and no one will ever know that we were involved in your project.

There are many articles online about video production. We will write from time to time VIONWO articles about video services and video marketing in general on our website (some posts may not be visible directly on our website but you still can find them if you check VIONWO on Google ).
Except for the information from us, we would recommend going to Google and search for any information you need. For example here you have a result of video production services. If you need any specific information, please don’t hesitate to contact VIONWO.

You can reach us out by sending us a message:

Customer Portal
– WhatsApp: +48459360618
– Support Ticket: > Open Support

We will get your questions answered as soon as we can.